Lessons Learned

"As the world turns there's lessons to be learned."

Lesson #1
    GET YOUR VISA EARLY! I cannot tell you how much stress the visa process has caused me, and I would not wish that horror on anyone.  Learn from my mistakes!

Lesson #2
    People in Prague DON'T smile.  So, if you smile at someone, it means you're physically attracted to them.  So basically, since I'm such a smiley person, I'm screwed.  The whole population is going to think I love them before September is even finished!  Oh well, I'm just going to keep on smiling and hope a new trend catches on!

Lesson #3
    The word "police" in Czech means "shelves".  So if I am in dire need of help, my instinct will have me yelling for the shelves to help me!  That'll be useful...

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