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"Not all who wander are lost."

Keep track of all the amazing people I meet abroad!

The people I have met here are unlike any other people I have ever know.
We are all SOOO different; we come from opposite sides of the country, we like different music, we enjoy different movies, etc.  However, we have quickly, and tightly bonded into a large family.  We all joke that in 4 months we will never see each other again, but I honestly and truly hope that is not the case!

Introductions to come soon!

Michelle Tedder
aka Best Roomie/Best Friend

From: Nashville, Tennessee
Description: She was my freshman year suite mate and soon became my best friend/coffee date buddy.  I could not be more excited to travel around the world with this sweet & southern fashionista!

Gorman Donnelly
aka G-Man/ The Gorman Fisherman

From: Rhode Island, but goes to school in NY (Union)
Description:  Yeah, he's really Irish. Gorman is studying mechanical engineering at Czech Tech University (next to our dorm), and he lives down the hall from us.  He plays the git-fiddle (guitar) and has killer taste in music. He has a huge, adorable family too so we just talk about how amazing our families are.  We have random explore-Prague adventures, movie marathons, and ice-cream eating nights.

Claire Pauley
aka ClaireBear

From: California, but goes to school in Colorado
Description:  Claire is suite mates with Michelle and me.  We couldn't ask for a more wonderful person to share a room with!  She understands Michelle and me more than most people do.  We have weekly suite mate dinners, and Claire is the brain/talent behind those.  She is the easiest person to talk to.  Her family is beyond precious.  We're still trying to figure out how to bake cookies on the stove-top, but it's a difficult task.

Anthony Elias
aka Eli
From: Maine (goes to school at Stonehill, Mass)
Description: My new shopping buddy and music advisor.  With killer style, and an infectious/loud laugh he has been such a joy to hang out with!  Kudos to him and Michelle for helping me pick out my new, European winter coat.

Christopher Myers
aka Christotle (Chris + Aristotle)
aka Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible 2

From: originally LA, but now Seattle
Description:  Beyond intelligent. Beyond talented.  Philosopher, writer, musician, and just all around sweet kid.  He's teaching me guitar (bless his heart), and we're planning a duet eventually!  Widely known amongst our group for his adorable smirk and his attraction to girls with braces.

Edward James Buell the 4th
aka Ed

From: Rochester, NY
Description:  THE funniest kid here.  Between his wall twerking and Bridesmaid quoting there is literally  never a dull moment with him.  Also, he and Rick Steves are BFFs so he know everything about Prague, naturally. 

Taylor Cline
aka T-Cline

From: Spokane
Description: Wow, wow, wow I love this girl.  She goes skiing on Schweitzer in Idaho, so that's obviously a big deal.  She's beyond adorable, and a super talented singer.  She laughs at all of my jokes, so obviously she's a keeper.  So comfortable in her own skin- such an amazing quality.  We need more people like her in this world.

Erika Lucero
aka Klutz.

From: Long Island, NY (represent!)
Description:  The most kind-hearted, adorable, precious human being I have ever had the privilege to know.  She's going to be a famous director in LA one day, I just know it!  She trips over air and her own feet.  She will never love us as much as Michelle and I love her.

                                                      Stuart Darsey

                                                      aka Stu
From:  Athens, Georgia
Description:  Left the US to travel around Australia for a year.  With the money he made in Australia he's traveling Europe.  He lives off the little money he has and the kindness of other.  His stories reminded me how genuinely good humans really are.  He shared a hostel room with all of us and we all became really good friends.  His lookout on life is so unique and inspiring.  A free-spirit in the best ways!

Taylor R.
aka TayTay

From: Minnesota
Description: Beyond adorable- obsessed with her accent and her larger than life smile.  Sarcastic as heck and loves to laugh. Can't wait to learn more about her!

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