"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

You can't just turn off something you're passionate about.  
And love is all around in Europe!  I have seen so many beautiful weddings, and I'd like to dedicate a special section of my blog to them!  My whole group here knows about, understands, and accepts my addiction to weddings.  They even encourage it by screaming my name every time they see a bride in Old Town Square or on the Charles Bridge.

First bride I've seen in Europe!  The short dress paired with the adorable flower in her hair was the perfect combination for this petite bride.  She didn't let a rainy day get in the way of her BIG day!

Wedding photographs on the bank of the Vltava River

What girl doesn't want to get married at a castle?!  This is the Prague Castle.  This bride had a fun photoshoot around the castle are.

Layers upon layers!  I love the color combo for her bridesmaid-- works really well with her auburn hair!

Classic lace, long-sleeved gown.  Simple and flawless!  

What's a fairytale wedding without horse carriages?!

Spying on this Budapest bride's shoot from a highway away

The most unique bride we've seen yet, in Budapest!

My favorite bride was spotted in Berlin, Germany. Chic to the max!  I have never thought of wearing a short dress during the winter season, but this bride pulls it off flawlessly!

Salmon dresses and fur mittens... what a combination!  Did I mention that all her bridesmaids were in 4 inch tan heels?  That's a dangerous task on the cobblestones of Prague.
Definitely the most quirky bride I found in Europe!

Not a wedding, but this would be my ideal spot for a wedding ceremony in the Czech Republic.  Castle tucked away privately in Cesky Raj with an amazing view!

First bride in Poland

Beautiful bride I found in Krakow, Poland!  The orange flowers beautifully matched the changing foliage.

One bride leaving church, the other one arriving!

Bundled up bride in the main square of Krakow
No better place to celebrate love than at the love-lock bride!

Barcelona bride taking pictures at the National Museum.  The fountains make it an amazingly romantic spot for photographs!

A chilly bride in Rome covers up with a cute flannel jacket as she drags her dress through rain-covered stone.

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