Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Ich bin ein Berliner"

Before we get to my weekend in Germany, I want to give a shout out to the Tedder Family.

     Last Tuesday evening Michelle's parents were so kind to bring Claire and me out to dinner with them.  We went to a fancy Italian restaurant, Pasta Fresca, right next to Old Town Square.  Honestly, it was one of the loveliest nights I've had in Prague thus far.  Dr. Tedder spoiled us completely, ordering 2 plates of bruschetta and a plate of ravioli---- just for our appetizer!  I had a delightful gnocchi, paired with a delicious white wine.  Dr. Tedder is a wine connoisseur so he explained to us all we need to know about wine tasting.  For dessert Claire and I were thinking about sharing a piece of cake.  When Dr. Tedder heard this he whispered in my ear, "You don't get to do this often here, so you're NOT sharing a dessert."  It was settled.  I would get my own dessert and I would like it. We all got different things and shared them amongst ourselves.  It was the most pleasant evening talking and laughing.  They were my faux-parents for the evening, and I could not be more grateful for their generosity, love and great company.  It was so hard saying goodbye, but now I'm even more excited to have my real family here in just 7 and 11 days!!

     Off to Germany!  After a quick, rainy, but enjoyable stop in Dresden we finally made it to Berlin.  Let's just say it was NOT what I was expecting.  In my ignorant mind, Berlin was a quaint German town.  Oppositely, Berlin is like a mini New York City.  Walking around in some areas made me feel like I was right back on Long Island.  For those of you who know me, you know I do not like cities.

    The city is spread apart widely so walking everywhere was exhausting.  We went to the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Parliament, Jewish Memorial, Hitler's Bunker, several museums, etc.  My favorite was the Parliament.  We walked up the viewing dome and had a gorgeous view of Berlin right at sunset.  Another place I thought was interesting was Hitler's Bunker.  Interestingly enough, it is presently a parking lot with a small plaque about it's underground history.  The reason for this is that they wanted it to be as insignificant as possible so Neo-Nazi's cannot come and worship at the spot.  A place that held the history of the last few days of Hitler was now covered in old cars.  Pleasantly ironic.
Parliament viewing dome

Inside the dome. Too cool!

The bunker where Hitler lived out his final days that is now a meaningless parking lot.

One of my favorite parts of the Berlin Wall.
Brandenburg Gate

Jewish Memorial
     One of our AIFS directors in Prague, Maike, is a young and hip.  She grew up in Berlin so she was able to give us amazing recommendations for food and hang out places.  On the first night there we went to a Lebanese place that served cheap, large portions.  I learned that evening that I do not like Lebanese.  I also tried Club Mate, a typical Berlin soda.... which I also did not like.  I also tried Curry-Wurst, a famous Berlin dish.  It's a sausage covered in sauce and curry.  Surprisingly, I liked it a lot!  My taste buds are broadening!  For dessert we went to an AMAZING waffle place-- which I LOVED!  I got a banana-chocolate waffle.  The waffle place was adorably quaint and homey.  The staff was young, friendly, and sarcastic.  We all stayed there for hours just talking and laughing.  I am blessed to have such hilarious people around me to make me laugh until I cry.

    On our drive home we stopped at Wannsee, Germany.  This town is beautiful and located on a large lake.  It's beauty almost contradicts the terrible decision that was made there-- The Final Solution.  We went to the house where it was decided, which is now a museum.  Then we had a long bus ride home, with it's fair share of laughter and sleep.  Never a dull moment with this group.
Wannsee, where Final Solution decision was made.

   So far this week I have completed 2 class presentations (1hour long & 15min long) and made immense progress on my internship search for Summer 2014.  Fingers crossed I get the one I REALLY want in Raleigh, NC.  I'm looking to make the South my home eventually, so this will be a perfect networking start!  I also figured out I'm going to Barcelona for my last weekend in Europe so I am BEYOND excited about that!  Back to USA in 37 days! Time is flying!

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