Monday, November 18, 2013

Reality Check

     The end is becoming so real.  When we first got here, December seemed like it was years away.  We only have 4 more weekends here.  Four more weekends to soak up as much of this city as humanly possible.  The cold weather makes it so hard though!  The cold air sucks the motivation right out of me, but I have to keep reminding myself that the end is coming so soon!  I have a countdown going, but Gorman hates that because he thinks I'm thinking too much about the end and not enough about the now.  Which is very true.  He found this quote and sent it to me: 

"Man alone measures time. 
Man alone chimes the hour. 
And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear no other creature endures. 
A fear of time running out."

    I don't want my time here to ever run out, but I find it slipping away so quickly!  With the arrival of Aunt Leanne and moje mamkina (my mamma) happening in just 2 days/5days, I am anxiously awaiting our adventures in Prague!  I cannot wait for them to see the fairytale that I am blessed to live every day.  I cannot wait for them to meet the inspiring, intelligent, and loving people that surround me.

    I also look forward to being back at High Point.  I know this semester will be hard, and I know so many things will be different, but I am keeping a positive outlook.  I am so grateful for my Kappa Delta sisters who have been sending me so much love and endless encouraging. (Shout out to Jessie, Fox, and Anne)  Fingers crossed everyone remembers me when I get back to campus!

   This week in Prague was filled with rainy, foggy cold weather.  I finally made it to the Beer Museum (it's just a bar).  I did a taster with 5 flavors of beer- honey, chocolate, chocolate toffee, and two light beers.  Quickly after beginning the taster, I was reminded that I don't even like beer.  Luckily, I have friends kind enough to help me finish the beer!  On Saturday we had a beer drinking competition at a place called The Pub.  The Pub has 4 taps at each table and you serve yourself, while the computer keeps track of how much each person drinks.  The scores are posted on a huge TV that shows the results of The Pubs all across Prague and Europe.  We competed against the ECES group- another section of American study abroad kids who we have most of our classes with.  They are party animals (to say the least), so they won by a landslide.  That night made me so grateful for the non-party-animals that I have in my group.  Experiences are better when you can remember them all the next day.

    Speaking of not remembering things the next day, Happy belated 21st birthday shout out to Tyler!  He made it through the weekend without dying, so I'd say it was pretty successful.

    I don't know how long it will be until I can post again, but to give you a future overview:
Wednesday: Aunt Leanne gets here
Friday: Pilsner Brewery tour
Saturday: Maminka arrives!
Tuesday: Bratislava with Maminka to see Alena (Jana's cousin)
Wednesday: Off to Rome for Thanksgiving! 

And much, much more!
If I don't write soon, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Never forget how blessed you are!

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