Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This week was my nerd week here in Praha.

     This week Gorman was in Italy and Michelle has her parents here so I took this opportunity to be as productive as possible.  I locked myself in Starbucks for 4 days and banged out the majority of my homework for the rest of the semester.  Two PowerPoints, 3 Papers, and LOTS of research.  Granted, I still have a few smaller assignments to complete before the end of the semester, but for the most part all the big projects are finished!  What a weight off my shoulders!

     Aside from being boring, I did a lot of fun things this week too!  It was HalloWeekend so everyone was dressed up for the big Halloween Party.  Unfortunately, I couldn't go because I had to sign up for next semester's classes at midnight.  Luckily I got to hang out with all the Union boys before they left for the extravaganza.  And of course I wore my new giraffe onesie so I wasn't the only one out of costume on Halloween night!

My first and favorite Union gentlemen. Left to right: Dan, Stephan, and Matt(my favorite)

My #2, Stephan, Steve, or Stephanie- we change his name depending on how he's acting

A typical night with the boys.  I'm vastly outnumbered.
     This week I had the opportunity to get closer with the Union boys.  A small group of them (Chase, John, Ian, and Gorman) were off loving life in Italy, so I got the chance to hang out with some of the other boys.  They are a wonderfully, adorably nerdy group of kids.  About 10 of us took a family trip to Kauffland (the Costco of Prague) to get groceries for our family dinner!  We made BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.  A yummy, American meal.  Being surrounded by these intelligent men, listening to music, and teaching each other cooking tips, I understood that they are my family here.  When my wifi stops working, they are the ones I call.  When they're making plans for the night, I am the one they invite.  When there's a big scary spider in my room, they are the ones I run to.   We eat meals together, share stories together, wash dishes together, explore Europe together.

Yay confetti!

     I went to my first ice hockey game this week, too!  It was so much fun!  We all bought scarves.  Mine and Claire's say "JSEM SPARTAN" which means "I am Sparta".  The end score was 11-0, but we still had a great time!  Every time our team scored a man behind us threw TONS of confetti on us.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.
     As I mentioned earlier, Michelle's folks are here this week.  They are the best!  They brought us flowers to decorate our room, a huge tub of Halloween candy (which is almost gone), and face cream!  They took me out to lunch at Cafe Ebel yesterday and I was spoiled by a delicious lunch and dessert.  Tonight, they are taking me, Claire, and Michelle to Pasta Fresca, a fancy Italian Restaurant in Old Town.  We are so excited!  What a wonderful family they are- so generous, loving, and faithful.  No wonder why Michelle is as wonderful as she is!

Off to Berlin this weekend!  Keep me in your thoughts & prayers as we travel.

Again & again I am reminded how truly blessed I am.  LOVING life, living life, and learning so much about myself and the world. I'll be so sad to leave this magical city.

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