Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big-Little Reunion

It's Tuesday- the beginning AND end of my school week.  Pretty wonderful.
   This weekend my sorority Big, Lillian, and my friend Daniel visited from their Study Abroad in Scotland!  Wow, what a weekend it was!  I just woke up from a 6 hour nap because from Friday to Monday night we were non-stop!

   Our weekend was filled with touristy things such as the Toy Museum, the Castle, Lennon Wall, Old Town, The Charles Bridge, etc.  We were blessed with the most amazing weather ever!  70s and sunny all weekend!


   At the Castle we walked up the tour of the Cathedral... 276 steps later we reached the top.  Every step was worth it. 100%.  I know I say this every week, but this is definitely my favorite view of Prague.



Right outside the Castle was an Czech Army showing.  In the streets they displayed all types of aircrafts, trucks, motorcycles, and weapons.  It was so cool!  Lillian and I decided that the only good looking Czechs are either on the Czech fútbol team or in the Czech Army.

   Of course while they were here I had to show them Prague's stellar party scene.  Their first night here we went to Lucerna, a club that plays 80s and 90s classics.  We danced on stage all night, then of course got McDonald's against Gorman's will.  We all needed a piece of home.  On the second night we went to Europe's biggest club.  It's called the 5 story club.  Each of the 5 floors plays a different type of music:  Radio Classics, Oldies, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Chill. Our favorite floor was Radio Classics!  Lillian and I dressed up very fancy to make up for our Kappa Delta formal which we missed at HPU this weekend.  Shout out to all my sisters who looked beyond flawless in every picture!
   Connected to the 5 Story Club is the Ice Bar.  The Ice Bar is kept at a ridiculously cold temperature because the ENTIRE bar is made out of ice!  They gave us gloves and thermal jackets to wear inside because it is so cold.  Even our shot glasses were made out of ice! It was incredible!
Freezing our butts off in the ice bar!

   Their last night here we went to our regular bar, PoPos, for a "casual" night.  On Sundays PoPos has pina coladas, long island ice teas, mojitos, and absinth mixed drinks for 50 crowns ($2.50).  Our favorite cheap place.  We danced the night away on their small dance floor and grabbed pizza on the way home.  We love to eat.
Bundled up and ready to go!


Right before they caught their plane back to Scotland, we had lunch at Cafe Louvre.  So beyond yummy!  Lastly we had to leave our mark on the Lennon Wall.  High Point would be proud of us!  Check out the pictures! After such a fun weekend it was hard to see my Biggie go, but she left me with one of the best gifts I've ever received: a giraffe onesie!  So now I can sleep with it on and think of her always!
   As for the week ahead, there is much work to be done, so it's time for me to put on my focus cap on plow through all my work.  On Friday I sign up for Spring classes at HPU- what a scary thought.  This semester is flying! Slow down!

Ice shot glasses
Showin' off my new shoes!

Dream Big! Choose to be Extraordinary! HPU!

Honorable. Beautiful. Highest. Kappa Delta.

This one's for you Mr. Solosky.  You inspire me every day, now hopefully you can inspire the world!

Big & Little on Charles Bridge
The best gift EVER.  Giraffe onesie.  I will sleep in this EVERY night.

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