Thursday, October 10, 2013

"All you need is love"

This week in Prague has been pretty uneventful.. but in Prague standards, uneventful is pretty eventful.

Overall thoughts during the week:
- All you need is love.
- I'm in love with ciders.
- Alcohol makes everything more dramatic.
- I am so blessed that Michelle is here with me.  
- I have some really wonderful people here around me.
- I have some really wonderful people missing me back home.
- I sometimes think I'm a model. Candids all day, every day.  With the occasional hair-flip.

Mondays are an absolute drag. Two 3hour classes are brutal, but SOOOO worth being done with school on 12pm on Tuesday.  5 1/2 day weekends are a blessing!

Tuesday was very productive! Michelle and I did all our homework, went food shopping, went to Mamma Coffe (amazing place) for lunch, we met with Marketa (our advisor), and made a delicious suite dinner or chicken and honey-glazed sweet potatoes!  I am becoming more and more excited about cooking the longer I live here!  Plus, I haven't burned down our kitchen yet!

Wednesday was another great, relaxing day.  We went to our weekly breakfast with myself, Michelle, Erika, and Taylor.  Afterwards, ERIKA GOT A TATTOO!  It came out AMAZING! I'll post pictures later- it's the outline of the Prague castle.  We obviously had celebratory gelato from our favorite sweets place afterwards.  Wednesday evening was our night at the opera.  I finally got to wear one of the 438739083 dresses i packed!  We were lucky enough to see Mozart's Don Giovanni.  The singers were BEYOND talented, but the version was very modernized so it had an interesting twist.  I think I would have liked the traditional version better.

Today, Thursday, Michelle and I slept late (10:30am) and felt as if we had wasted the day away.  We made up for it by exploring the east side of the river.  We went to the peacock park, and FINALLY found the Lennon Wall!  Next was lunch at Cafe Slavia.  Too, too delicious!

We leave tomorrow at 8am for Krakow, Poland!  Although I am extremely excited, I know a lot of the sites we visit will be somber places.  Michelle is not coming on this trip because Phil, here boyfriend, gets here on Sunday!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU HERE, PHILLY- CHEESESTEAK!!

Peacock park 

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