Thursday, October 24, 2013

57 Days Left

Words cannot even explain how quickly time flies here.  It's scary to think that in just 57 days I won't be able to see these amazing people every day or wake up in the city that I have fallen in love with.

Aside from Monday, this week has been relaxing and fun!  On Monday I had my Czech Politics midterm.  I studied my butt off for hours and hours.  Ask me anything about Czech history, I'm a professional now.  However, this midterm sucked.  I am not looking forward to getting it back.  We all felt completely defeated after leaving the classroom.

I find new hidden treasures around the city every day.  This week was full of exploration!  I have two favorite spots: Petrin Hill and the back square of the Castle.  Both spots overlook all of Prague-- absolutely breathtaking.

Ed showed me how to get to Petrin Hill the other day, and then I went back today with Gorman for a PB&J picnic.  It was about 70 degrees and sunny here, which is the nicest day we've had here yet!  Naturally we had to take advantage of this!

This week was full of meeting new friends as well!  I have spent lots of time with the boys across the hall from me who are studying at Czech Tech.  They are all engineering majors and adorably nerdy, but so much fun!  On Wednesdays we go to Retro, our favorite club (because it has no cover).  Each night out inevitably ends with a McDonalds run.  We all crave a small piece of America.  We have almost totally mastered the trams so we get home with ease!

This weekend is going to be wonderful!  My sorority Big, Lillian, is coming to visit with our friend Daniel.  They are both studying abroad in Scotland for the semester.  The rest of my group will be in Salzburg so the three of us will have plenty of time to explore the city!  And with a forecast of 70 and sunny for the whole weekend, nothing could be better!

Right after sunrise view from the back square of the Castle

View from Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill Picnic!

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