Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Weekend to Remember!

Wow, this weekend has been such a busy whirlwind!

Friday we went to the Spartan Fútbol (soccer) game.  It was so much fun! They played a rival Slovak team and won 4-1.  During that game I decided that my future husband would be a Czech soccer player-wish me luck!  Right before the game though, our group experienced something interesting.  As we walked by a police officer, he slapped a young man so loudly that it echoed through the stadium. He then proceeded to slam the guy to the ground.  To our understanding, the guy hadn't done anything majorly wrong to deserve this type of treatment.  We were all in complete shock, while the Czech people around us didn't even blink. I guess it's an everyday occurrence for them.

On Saturday, in the pouring rain, we ventured out to Bohemian Paradise for a long hike.  To waste time while we waited for the rain to stop, our leader took us to an old church tour.  A woman (about the age of 65 or so) maintained these 3 LARGE bells (15tons, 7 tons, and 3 tons).  There are only 9 people in the Czech Republic certified to ring them properly (a process that takes 6 months of 7days a week training).  Luckily, the woman was one of them and after much Czech begging and "prosím?!" (please) she agreed to ring the smallest bell for us.  It was magical--- and LOUD!

The hiking continued with a tour of Castle Ruins- breathtaking views!  The pictures do NOT do it justice.  Next we hiked to an area where a man with no family lived out his days in the forest carving the rock face into various Czech historical depictions.  It was INCREDIBLE!

Lastly we hiked to another Castle with a spectacular view of the Czech countryside.  It was really nice to get out of the city for the day!  Made some new great friends from the other ECES programs!

At night, after a long nap, we all went on our first Pub Crawl called The Drunken Monkey.  The first bar played all American music and had beer pong and flip cup and foosball so we all felt right at home! Did I mention it was open bar?  I met a guy from East Hampton, Long Island who now lives here in Prague!  The 2nd bar played some great Salsa music and we met a group of German guys visiting for the vikend (weekend).  They LOVED the fact that my last name was Christel- a common last name in their area of Germany.  The last bar played electric music which is not my favorite, but we all still had an amazing time together as a huge group.  Unfortunately, it took us over 2 hours to get home because we still haven't quite figured out the tram system.  We live and we learn!  Having the time of my life and missing everyone back at home SOO much!  Thanks for following my adventures!

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