Monday, September 9, 2013

Prague Day 1

We made it to Prague!

After an unpleasant 4am wake-up call, we headed out on the next step of our journey to Prague!  The flight went smoothly- I basically slept the entire way.  We met with our program instructors, Mika, Z, and Marketa, then drove to our dorm!  In terms of mine & Michelle's dorm room.....

Dorothy, we are not in High Point anymore....

We have been spoiled our first two years of college!  Our room is like a normal college dorm- nothing extraordinary.  I'll post pictures soon!

A group of us took the day to explore the area.  We shopped for minor things like toiletries and water (which is scarce in Europe so we're all dehydrated).  The stores are SOOOOO cheap.  I bought shampoo, shaving cream, 2 HUGE water bottles, 2 peaches, and more, and it was less than $20 American.  Absolutely amazing!  The area where we're dorming is under construction, but very urban.  It is the "residential area" of Prague.  I am excited to see where our University is, in Old Town.  Red roofs & cobble stone streets await us!  I think I will like that part of the city better.  That is where we all plan to spend the majority of our time.

We have no wifi so our fiber doesn't work unless we go to a nearby cafe.  We have ethernet cords to get internet only in our rooms, so e-mail me or inbox me on Facebook!

We have the welcome dinner tonight at a local restaurant, so I'll keep you posted with that!

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