Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sick in Prague

The only thing worse than being sick.... is being sick 439875085439874 miles away from home.  Sore throat, sinus infection, runny nose, headache, and just plain TIRED.  What caused this you  may ask?  Well let's see... it was probably a combination of things:

-We ALL share drinks/food
-We have walked miles through the rain in the past week
-The 'smoking room' is perfectly situated RIGHT next to our room so we get all the second-hand smoke.

So basically, I'll be coming home with emphysema.
Taking DayQuil religiously and sucking down cough drops/tea.  Fingers crossed I get better ASAP.
Shout out to my amazing friends here, Michelle, Eli, and Chris for bringing me yummy food last night when I was stuck in my bed being miserable.  You guys are the best!  The worst part about it was being sick for the trip I was looking forward to the most- The Bone Church.  It is a church made entirely out of human bones!  I still enjoyed the experience, but walking in the pouring rain definitely mad matters worse.

Czech midterm is on Thursday.  This is a RIDICULOUSLY hard language.  Thankfully, our teacher Darina is absolutely AMAZING!

Michelle and I both did not consider how frustrating the language barrier would be.  Through our research we figured that a vast majority of the people here speak at least a little English.  Turns out, we were very very long.  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to communicate with a fellow human being- especially when you need your laundry done ASAP!

On a more positive note, I found out today I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday so that leaves plenty of time for travel and study!

Fingers crossed I get better soon!

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