Sunday, September 8, 2013

London Day 2

Our professionally guided tour through Europe was AMAZING!  I probably won't even be able to remember all the places we've seen today!

-Buckingham Palace
-Big Ben
-Westminster Abbey
-St. Paul Cathedral
-London Bridge
-Frafalgar Square
-National Museum of Portraits
-Covent Gardens

...just to name a FEW!

Our tour guide Stewart knew so much about London- it was incredible!  He was also hilarious so that helps too.
The hardest thing so far is getting used to the different customs-- ordering food at the bar, and not from your table, not tipping (we didn't know that so our waitress had a GREAT day), etc.
So far, SOOO good.  I love the group I'm with so far, and I'm excited for the next few months with them.  We all say we feel like we're on the RealWorld-- a bunch of strangers living together for 4 months.  We've even started a confessional cam.  Wake-up call for tomorrow: 4am for our flight to Prague.  Can't wait!

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