Friday, September 27, 2013

Getting Lost

When it comes to traveling, I'd say I'm a pretty good navigator.  I am always very aware of my surroundings, and I have a great memory for directions.  However, there is something so nerve-wracking and vulnerable about getting lost in a foreign country.  We get lost a lot here.  Mostly because after midnight the metro stops and only the trams run.  The tram system is not simple to navigate.

I have noticed that the fear of getting lost has deterred me from exploring aimlessly.  After much reflection, I realize how silly that is!  The only way we can find our way is to first be lost.  Getting lost allows us to find hidden treasures which we may have never found had we remained on the beaten path; a new cafe, a small, beautiful church, a spectacular art sculpture.  So from this day forward, I'm going to explore as much as I can, get lost as much (and as safely) as possible, but always bring a map to find my way home.  

The concept of getting lost connects to the faith aspect of my journey as well.  Although I have felt someone lost here, being lost has brought me closer in faith to my best friend/roommate Michelle.  We as Christians are the minority here and it has created an even deeper bond between us, which I am forever grateful for.

As ANYONE in my family can tell you, I am MOST lost when I am in the kitchen.  I do not like to cook because I am not good at it.  However, my suite mates and I make dinner once a week together!  I have been making my dinner as often as possible.  Last night was steamed green beans, cucumber slices, and bow tie pasta with tomato basil sauce... from a jar (sorry Mom and Grandma).  Below are a few pictures of my suit mates and I making our first dinner together: grilled, spiced chicken with steamed green beans!  It was delicious!

Below is me and Claire preparing the chicken in our tiny kitchen!

Side note: Claire (above) and I got the highest scores in the class on our Czech final.  We both got 97% and our whole class ended the course with an overall A! This is the first time in Darina's history of teaching that this has ever happened! Yay us!


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