Monday, September 30, 2013

Moravia Weekend

St. Anthony (patron saint of lost things) has not exactly been on my side this weekend...

On Friday night, hours before I was leaving for Moravia, my iPhone fell out of my pocket at a tram station. The only reason I brought it with me in the first place was because I had the tram directions saved on my phone to get us all home safely. No good deed goes unpunished...

Although I am sad and frustrated about losing the phone, I know that it is replaceable.  However, what the phone symbolizes -- a connection to home, a means of contacting the ones I love, pictures of them, songs that remind me of home -- makes me feel as though I lost a lifeline, and I am more homesick than ever.  I wonder if I was "addicted" to the physical phone itself, or to all the love and connection that the phone provided.  It's hard to see my friends here "Viber-ing" with their families or checking Instagram to see pictures from home.  A few months without a phone will do me some good though!  Trying to look on the bright side.

While in Moravia, I lost on of my favorite pearl earrings.  Actually, they are Steph's pearl earrings that I "borrowed" from her in the 10th grade and never gave back.  Pearls became a signature look for me, and everyone knew me as the girl with the pearls.  Steph constantly bothered me about giving them back to her, but everyone in my family knew they never ever left my earlobes.  I was at a wine tasting in Moravia when I felt my ear and only my backing was there.  I searched forever, with the help of my amazing friends for whom I am so grateful, to no avail.  Needless to say, it put quite a damper on the trip.

But to outline my Moravia Trip in one sentence...

   As much as I loving visiting new churches, and making a wish in every single one (just like you taught me, Ty), they are all beginning to blend together!  Granted, I am becoming a professional architecture because I'm learning the difference between Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, etc.  The first church we visited was connected to a convent.  This church was famous for its gorgeous entrance called "The Gate to Heaven".  There were 5 nuns and 1 novice (nun-in-training).  We learned that this order takes a vow of silence, and I could not imagine how difficult that would be!  We got to visit the town of Brno in eastern Czech Republic and walk around the town for a bit.
    After another short drive we arrived at an adorable Wine Cellar.  It was a mix of a Bed & Breakfast and wine cellar.  Our rooms were adorable, and we were all overjoyed to take a decent shower.  For dinner, the wife prepared the most amazing dinner we've had in awhile.  Chicken, scalloped potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, and salad.  Our bodies almost forgot what vegetables tasted like!  The dessert was an amazing blueberry pastry!  And they just kept the wine coming all night!  After dinner, dessert, wine, and cheese, the wine tasting began!  It was really interesting to see the cellars and learn about the wines.

    In the morning we left to go see 2 more churches.  The second church had a hand-carved masterpiece as an altar (I'll put pictures up later).  Dad, you would've LOVED it! Lastly we headed to these awesome underground caves.  I have never seen such cool things before.  One portion of the tour was done in a boat through these small waterways through the caves.  It was mind-blowing!

My first day of classes started today! (finally)  My first class this morning was Soft Skills Psychology.  We walked in and our jaws dropped.  Our professor is beyond gorgeous with a British-like accent, even though he is from Prague.  He is the most talented, intelligent, well-rounded human being I have ever met.  He and his wife (ugh) are building their own house!  He works in non-profits, he's a life coach, he's a bee-keeper, a teacher, a gardener, a jogger, he doesn't own a TV.. and did I mention he's perfect?  So it's going to be a great semester!  I'm off to my next class, Politics!  I'll keep you posted!  Pictures to come later!

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  1. Magnifique!! Mode week end prague
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